Jennifer was born and raised in New Jersey. Some have called it the armpit of America, but Jen likes to think of it as the big toenail of America. With a tasteful polish and pedicure, it can be beautiful. No one needs to see the fungus underneath. Growing up, she performed in various ballets, plays, and musical theater productions. She spent most of her weekends in New York City where she would see Broadway shows, take ballet classes, and saunter down the tree-lined streets of the West Village, picking out multimillion dollar brownstones that would one day be hers. She has narrowed it down to three thus far. If only she could choose one. And also have millions of dollars.  She officially moved to New York for college, where she received a BFA in Drama with academic honors from NYU Tisch School of the Arts. While there, she studied under the Atlantic Theater Company as well as the Stonestreet Film & Television Studio. Upon graduation, she took a vacation in Los Angeles. It has been five years since this vacation started and currently, she is still on this vacation and has yet to return to New York. Jen loves vacations. She is known for Judd Apatow's Love (2016), FX's Better Things (2016) and The Emissary (2015) with Margo Martindale. She can also be seen in national commercials for AT&T and Burger King as well as on her sketch comedy Youtube channel, Gorgeous Grandpa Comedy.

Jen recently won "Best Mockumentary" for Gorgeous Grandpa Comedy's "Marvel Clean Up Crew: The Real Superheroes" in the Austin Comedy Short Film Festival.